ABOUT ME: A complete and utter update

Hello, my name is Amy-Lauren.
I come from the North East of England (originally born in liverpool, though, tru scouse fo lyf). I’ve been a silent little sneaky blogger for about 5 years now. After reading blogs for years I eventually started this little space on the web in August 2012 and honestly? Didn't really do much with it. I've decided to wipe the slate clean and start again! It's just my little space on the internet. I’m probably going to post mainly about my life so I’m sure topics as such as fashion, beauty and disney will all creep up!

I'm a twenty one year old fashion journalism graduate and full time call centre worker (need help with gas&electric anyone? no?) that just wants somewhere to put all of her stuff and gather up some inspiration.

So, uhm, yes. Little re-introduction over! I'd love it if you left your blog links below so I can have a little nose! 

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  1. Hey Amy x Glad you're back xxx

  2. Hi Amy, nice to see you back!

    Rachael xox